* Each year I attend classes on continuing education, constantly improving my knowledge while giving my clients the best results possible.
* I am CSCS, NSCA, ACE, IDEA and CPR, ARC, and PAS I/II (Egoscue) certified.
* Fassst Results is the way I assess my clients to work on special needs and desires. Goals for many of my clients include increasing strength, power, muscle endurance, vertical leap, speed, first step quickness, furthering range of motion, decreasing chances of injury, strengthening connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, overall joint stability, and gaining or losing weight – all while increasing energy and feeling great.
* BS in Exercise and Sport Science, the University of San Francisco I
* I interned with physical therapists, sports medicine specialists, nutritionists, and professional athletic trainers. My pleasure and expertise coalesce in the healthy transformation of the human body and spirit.


* In the past few years, I have expanded my businesses, gotten married and started a family. I have become increasingly aware of the necessity of time and stress management. I understand that you are busy and sometimes overwhelmed with myriad responsibilities and desires for change.
* It is from this very position that I channeled my passion for golf and directed my energies toward developing the skills necessary to specifically train golfers


* “I am not a believer in ‘methods.’ I’m a believer in fundamentals. That’s still my view when it comes to golf, but as for an aching back and the rest of the body, I do believe in a method: The Egoscue Method. I have been to many specialists around the world, and yes, a few enabled me to achieve some marginal and temporary relief from pain. But never had I experienced such complete relief as I have by following The Egoscue Method.” – Jack Nicklaus PGA Golf Legend
* Trained in the Egoscue Method®¹ of Posture Correction, I believe health and fitness are based on the relationship between structure and function. In other words, your body's structure or postural alignment affects how your body functions.
* My goal is to assess problems and improve function: I design an individualized program for each client, focusing on postural alignment, flexibility, stability, balance, strength and power. Years in the field have convinced me that fundamental movements often need to be reestablished, or relearned, before any progress can be made in the golf exercise program.


* With nearly 15 years experience as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, I have worked with a wide range of clientele, including men and women, children, seniors, and athletes of all levels.
* I learned through hands on experiences, dealing with clients with so many different needs - from weight loss, to rehabilitation, to the professional athletes who need to improve their physical and mental abilities – that there are many ways to climb a mountain.


* I played NCAA basketball and baseball
* I have been challenged to ride a bike 200 miles, run 55 miles, sprint 80 flights of stairs in 7:38 seconds, jump rope for 3.5 hours, dash 139 stairs 100 times
* To encourage my clients, I chose to gain 56 lbs and then lose it in 84 days while restructuring my body. After this dramatic physical change, I appeared on television, and in magazines.
* One of my most enjoyable feats was scoring two “holes-in-one” golfing: one right-handed and the other left-handed


¹ Egoscue Method®
Egoscue Method is a postural therapy program that involves a series of stretches and gentle exercises. It is designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery, or manipulation, enabling people to live an active, pain-free life.