Jim Brovelli

Jim Brovelli
"Bobby Aldridge has been one of the premiere personal trainers in Northern California for a number of years. His development program is specific to each individual."

Jim Brovelli
Former Head Basketball Coach: University of San Francisco
Assistant Coach and Interim Head Coach: Washington Wizards
Assistant Coach: Denver Nuggets


Gordon Reid

"I was able to have an athletic experience that the richest people in the world could not pay for. Playing football for the Florida State Seminoles was a dream of mine and you were a big part of the reason I was able to follow through. My work ethic and persistence teamed up with your expertise on speed, strength and agility made me the athlete I needed to be when the call came. You and I started working just before high school which, as you know, is a very influential time in a teenagers life. I still put you down in the books as one of the most positive people I've ever been around. You encouraged me that I could do anything and I listened to you. I had a nice a career in high school sports but didn't want it to end there. When I came back during the summer of my freshman year at FSU and told you I was planning on trying out for the football team. There was never a doubt in your mind that I could do it and you immediately devised a workout plan and speed plan for those next three months. I already had the skills which you had taught me in high school which I would soon learn were the best investment athletically. You see, most of the guys out of high school who are blue chip athletes and have scholarships to all the best schools in the country, had such amazing athleticism that they didn't necessarily have to work very hard. As you know, olympic lifting is a large part of football due to its benefits of power and explosion. I had the best form on my team in Tallahassee. As a 190 lb defensive back, I was doing clean pulls and power cleans as much as the 230 lb linebackers. My strength performance index was higher than the average guy on the team. And average for Flo ida State was pretty darn good compared to the rest of the country. I got complemented on my form by the players and coaches. I started out on scout team and by the 6th game of the season, I was made the traveling squad while we were playing the Gators in "The Swamp". The rest is history. I played in almost every game for the next 2 years against, Miami, Notre Dame, Clemson, University of Georgia, etc. Once again, I had an experience that Bill Gates couldn't pay for. I knew I wanted to try out for the team, and you believed in me and helped set a plan. The memories I have of Bobby Bowden lecturing or my Deion Sanders coaching me one on one would not have happened if you and I didn't work so hard as a team. Thanks Bobby. "

Gordon Reid

Cadet Kevin Guilfoyle


Having just completed Army Airborne school, I'd like to thank you for all the help you've given me since my first efforts to gain admission to West Point. It's been three years since I first arrived at the academy, and I still find myself using your techniques and methods to meet the demands placed upon me. Your training was more than just help in meeting a goal. Since working with you, I find myself eager to both take on new challenges, and to continually push myself to become a better athlete as well as a better soldier. Simply put, I would not have been able to do as well as I have at West Point without your incredible assistance. Thank you very much for everything you've done."

Cadet Kevin Guilfoyle
Company C4
Class of 2009
United States Military Academy


Steven Travers

Steven Travers is a USC graduate and ex-professional baseball player in the St. Louis Cardinals and Oakland A's organization. He is the author of 15 books, including the best-selling Barry Bonds: Baseball’s Superman, nominated for a Casey Award (best baseball book of 2002). The USC Trojans: College Football’s All-Time Greatest Dynasty was a National Book Network "top 100 seller." One Night, Two Teams: Alabama vs. USC and the Game That Changed a Nation (a 2007 PNBA nominee) was the subject of a documentary (Tackling Segregation) and is being major into motion picture. Steven was a columnist for StreetZebra magazine in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Examiner. He also penned the screenplays The Lost Battalion and 21. Travers helped lead his suburban California high school baseball team to the national championship his senior year; attended college on an athletic scholarship; was an all-conference pitcher; and coached at USC, Cal-Berkeley and in Europe. He also attended law school, served in the Army, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Southern California. A fifth generation Californian, Steve has a daughter, Elizabeth Travers and still resides in the Golden State.

(415) 456-6898

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Joseph V. Rafferty

How Egoscue Helped Joe Rafferty Avoid Major Surgery

For a number of years, my fitness trainer, Bobby Aldredge recommended that I could benefit from trying the Egoscue pain-free methods.  Since I had no pains at the time, I continued my normal fitness regimen, although I knew from periodic X-rays over many years that I was developing gradual arthritis in my upper spine.

During the last several years, my neck increasingly stiffened, causing chronic pain, reduced mobility, and resulting in my being unable to rest my head lying down without a pillow. After 8 physical therapy sessions, my M.D. therapist told me I had a very sick neck and nothing more could be done because of “bone-on-bone” arthritis. Two MRI’s and X-rays showed I had “practically fused” two vertebrae in my upper neck. At that point I was no longer able to look up to serve on tennis and could sleep only on my back without pain.

Facing possible double fusion surgery and having to give up tennis and skiing, I finally took Bobby’s advice and gave Egoscue a try.  Within the first half-hour of my visit, my head was able to rest on the floor without a pillow.  I enthusiastically signed up at my own expense for a program with Egoscue’s David Smith, requiring a substantial commitment of time daily, mostly in my home.  Within two weeks my chronic pain disappeared and I could sleep on both sides (as long as I did not stop my daily exercises).  In a few more weeks I was able to serve in tennis without difficulty which continues today. 

After six months I completed the program and reviewed my ‘before and after’ photos taken before each visit.  My posture had visibly improved in two ways: my head moved back on line with the rest of my body over 2 inches, and—something I had not even realized until the program was over—a lean to the left in my upper body was completely straightened.

It has been a year since I finished my formal program and have continued the exercises for a short time daily as I will be happy to do in the future to remain pain free and able to continue with active sports. I have also noticed that my occasional “lower back flare-ups”
have not occurred.

Without reservation, I encourage anyone to visit Egoscue either to address pain or posture problems, especially before having surgery.

Joseph V. Rafferty






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